Using the power of laughter to build a better NYC.

NYLaughs is a unique 501(c)3 performing arts non-profit that believes in the power of stand-up comedy to strengthen NY communities and enhance the quality of life for New Yorkers via free performances produced in NYC’s iconic public spaces. By creating opportunities for shared humor, we form a foundation for positive collective experiences that benefit our city while heightening the public’s appreciation for stand-up comedy, a distinctly NY cultural asset. NYLaughs works to change NYC by broadening our artistic landscape, offering a cultural experience open to all, while connecting different demographics and interests to drive a positive social and mental health impact in every neighborhood of our city. By producing free events in outside public spaces that feel safe, fun, and focused on diversity and racial equality, NYLaughs removes barriers for engagement while establishing an infrastructure for individuals to build relationships with others in public life. NYLaughs works to turn NY strangers into NY neighbors and build a better NYC, one laugh at time.