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Laughter in the Park 2014

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Central Park

Who We Are

Why are we laughing?

It isn't your hair, or your outfit. We just love to laugh, and want to share that with everyone. That's why we started NYLaughs!

What is NYLaughs?

Sometimes it's hard to explain because we're unique…we're a bonafide 501(c)3 arts organization looking to take live performance comedy out of the clubs and directly to the people of New York City. It's a lot of fun, but running a funny non profit is no laughing matter - just ask the IRS. No one can make them even crack a smile.

Our ultimate goal is to change people's perception of the comic arts, especially stand-up comedy, and to strengthen the shared cultural bonds that humor engenders. We're working to grow into an umbrella organization for creative performers and organizations involved in comedy within the public realm so that NYLaughs can focus attention on new and exciting movements within the community. Through our featured events and series we can also channel corporate support to grassroots development in a way that has previously been lacking. We believe that laughter can change the world and we're working to make it a part of the daily urban experience.

That's deep!

Yes, it is. NYLaughs, seeks to inspire New Yorkers through humor. We strive to provide laughter free to New Yorkers on a consistent basis by producing comedy shows and events throughout the City's public venues - from its parks and piers to its streets and subways.

Why would you want to do that?

We feel unexpected laughter in public spaces can be a mighty thing. Because when we laugh together we forget about our problems, forget about our differences and just laugh until we cry. Sometimes everyone sings Kumbaya after the shows. It's true…. Well maybe not so true.

When you attend a show, you'll see New Yorkers of every race, socioeconomic level, gender and age all in one place laughing. Bums and bankers; straight and gay; male, female, black and white are at our shows. Families and lots of singles, too. And being single ourselves we especially like that strangers come up to hug and thank us for the experience

Cool! How do you make people laugh?

We tell jokes.

Could you be more specific?

We arrange for very funny people to hold a microphone and tell jokes. Most of our performers have headlined at comedy clubs, appeared on TV and/or written for network shows, but we also like to nurture new talent. So there are always some less seasoned (but also funny) comics thrown into the mix.

We mostly make people laugh in the summers with our Laughter in the Park series. We would eventually like to make people laugh all year long, but…this is all the money we have for now.

What is Laughter in the Park?

Every summer we can all hang out in the parks together and laugh.

Laughter in the Park is our signature event. It's a free summer comedy series. We creatively opted to name it Laughter in the Park because the shows are in the parks of NYC. We are creative and crazy like that. If we did shows on street corners, for example, we might name that series, "Laughter on Corners." The founder actually started her comedy career performing in the subways of NYC - she's called the Subwaycomic - but moved the show to the parks because picnics sucked in the subway. We've produced over 40 free shows in 9 parks / greenspaces since we began in 2007.


That's right. Free.

But how is that possible? Shows use equipment, there are parks permits, printing flyers, and even a humble website like yours surely costs something to maintain.

NYLaughs is a 501(c)3 charity. That means, people can give us money for art and it is tax deductible. And money is one thing we don't joke about. If you give us money, we won't laugh. We might cry, hug you and never let you go - especially if you're single.

We are also able to receive grants and other public funding, because the parks department and the city recognize that it is important for people to have fun sometimes. It's their way of making up for all those parking tickets.

But in the park, aren't there a lot of bums?

We're comics. We're bums, too. Don't hate on bums. Sometimes, bums drop by the shows. As long as they laugh, enjoy it, and bring their friends to the next show, we love them.

Wow! That sounds great! Is this the first season?

Thank you for asking. No. We've had several years of Laughter in the Park. We began in 2007. Each summer since, the series has gotten bigger, better and funnier. More people laugh every year.

Why standup comedy? Did you ever consider focusing on depression?

We did think about that, but it seems like people are already pretty depressed. So, we just had to opt for bringing joy and happiness to people's days. It turns out that laughing is great for your health. It's fun, brings New Yorkers together, helps the comically deprived and thanks to NYLaughs and Laughter in the Park…outdoor comedy is free every summer!

Sign up here. We want to see you laughing now.

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NY Laughs would like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors. Without them our lives would be far less funny. We encourage you to support them as they have supported us.


Manhattan Mini Storage CLICK HERE

NYLaughs wishes to acknowledge the continued support of Manhattan Mini Storage, a company that understands finding extra storage space in NYC is no joke! Their generosity over the years has helped us make thousands of New Yorkers laugh.


Fairway Market CLICK HERE FreshDirect CLICK HERE

While we're always looking to the future, we'd also like to recognise
those who've generously supported us in the past.


Madison Square Garden CLICK HERE NYCulture CLICK HERE

Partnership for Parks CLICK HERE

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Help Us Keep NY Laughing

NY Laughs is currently the only body committed to the support and development of free live comedy events in and around the public spaces of New York City. You could play a pivotal role in establishing this new institution for the stand-up capital of the world.

There are any number of ways in which you may choose to support NY Laughs. From a direct contribution, to the provision of services or discounts to our organization, its performers and its audience. Any assistance will be gratefully appreciated and broadly acknowledged via our website and through our live events. It should make you smile to know that you've helped to make multitudes of New Yorkers laugh...and it might even help business!


As much as we'd like to trade in our best knock knock jokes for cold hard cash we're not so sure the banks will oblige. Unfortunately, it seems the organization and promotion of free comedy events in public spaces cost significantly more than the laughter they produce. Performance permits, promotion, staging and signage all eat into our non-profits. Not to mention the costs of design and web hosting, without which our message would remain mute. This is where you come in.

You see what NY Laughs lacks in cash reserves we more than make up for with enthusiasm and an audience in a really good mood. Not just any audience either. NY Laughs events held in locations such as Tompkins Square Park reach out directly to the savvy and much sought after 21-35 age demographic. Through support of this organization you can speak directly to this audience on a regular basis and demonstrate a deep interest in the local community. Your contribution can range from a one off donation to assist in the funding of a single event, to the longer term provision of goods or services required to continue running NY Laughs. We'd even be happy to accommodate a long term financial association, with accompanying promotional rights. Whatever the contribution I'm sure we can negotiate a satisfactory acknowledgment of your valued support.

NY Laughs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As a result, any donation is 100% tax deductible. Significantly, we have won three grants in three consecutive years from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Don't miss this opportunity to become involved in what is rapidly becoming a Summer staple on the city's cultural calendar.

If you'd like to get involved please contact Suzette via email at



Don't just think that because you're not Starbucks or Microsoft that we're not interested in using your capable helping hands. NY Laughs is always interested in hearing from anyone who'd like to join in the fun. Maybe you're a photographer, audio engineer or entertainer who could contribute their services for a performance. Maybe you have experience in publicity and media relations and you can help NY Laughs behind the scenes. It could just be that you're a sweet and wonderful human being that loves a good laugh and thinks sharing joy is a worthwhile pursuit. Whatever you have to offer we'd love to talk. Drop us a line here and we'll find a way to make good use of your special talents - whatever they may be.

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Laughter In The Park 2013

Laughter in the Park 2013

Laughter in the Park 2013 was made possible in part through donations and ticket sales from our successful Kickstarter Campaign and Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser.

We would like to acknowledge the support of: Amy Anthony, Lia Bassin, Vladimir Caamano, Christina Chou, Jane Condon, Mike Damanskis, Rosemary Doyle, Marianne Eisenmann, Meryl Hughes, Yu-Ju Hung, Anese Jackson, Elizabeth Keveney, Teresa Kim, Frances Laveau, Jay Mercurio, Liz Miele, Mike Page, Clara Peterson, Sandra Philippeaux, Kathleen Rajsp, Becca Ryan, Alice Schluger, Carolyn L. Shields, Satoko Sugiyama, Maureen Thomas, Valerie Tocci, Judy Welage, Vesha Wright, Charles Worrall, The Black Students Union at NYU, and several others that wish to remain anonymous.

Laughter In The Park 2012

Laughter in the Park 2012

Laughter In The Park 2011

Laughter in the Park 2011 - COMING SOON

Laughter In The Park 2010

Laughter in the Park 2010

Laughter In The Park 2009

Laughter in the Park 2009

Laughter In The Park 2008

Laughter in the Park 2008

Tompkins Square Park

Laughter In The Park 2007

Friday June 22nd, Tompkins Square Park

NY Laughs has arrived! Laughter In The Park 1 marked the beginning of an ongoing series of FREE outdoor comedy events to hit NYC over the Summer of 2007.

Fifteen of New York's brightest comedians took over Tompkins Square Park for two hours of fresh and friendly fun and frivolity. Hosted by NYC's own subway comic, Suzette Simon. With little publicity and even less warning NY Laughs took to the pavement of Tompkins Square Park. A healthy crowd of 100 pulled up the nearest bench, rock and picnic blanket to enjoy the stand-up. Even "Sex And The City" star Cynthia Nixon took time out to sit back and enjoy the laughs.

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Rained OutFriday August 17th, Tompkins Square Park

After the success of our first event our second was tragically rained out. Our disappointment was compounded in that we all missed out on a performance from the 3-time MAC Award Winner for Best Male Stand-up Comic in NYC and the Late Show with David Letterman's Talent Coordinator, Eddie Brill.
Eddie BrillWali CollinsVanessa Hollingshead


Friday August 22nd, Tompkins Square Park

Blue skies and sunshine had the crowd smiling even before we began. The third in our series of Summer 2007 events featured standout performances from Wali Collins (Last Comic Standing & Comedy Central, Host of PBS' "Wild TV", HBO, VH1, ABC, David Letterman, 3x "College Campus Entertainer of the Year") and Vanessa Hollingshead (Sept. 6 Comedy Central Special, "50 Funniest Women Alive" for Oxygen!, "An American Anglomaniac" DVD).


Friday September 28, Tompkins Square Park 6-8pm

NY Laughs was proud to be associated with the New York Underground Comedy Festival 2007. In conjunction with the festival, NY Laughs delivered an opening night celebration of independent comedy and the fourth in our series of FREE open air public comedy events. We'd sincerely like to thank the festival for their support and their hard working director, Jim Mendrinos, for his dedication and toil.

Check out the New York Underground Comedy Festival website here.

Laughter In The Park 4


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